Hugh Jackman for Men vs Hugh Jackman for Women

The Mary Sue points out this probably entirely unintentional juxtaposition of Hugh Jackman magazine covers, illustrating beautifully the fact that idealized comic book males are actually male power fantasies, not designed to be beefcake for women the same way that the comic book ladies are cheesecake for men.
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Objectification vs idealization in video games

Escapist’s Jimquisition explains the difference.

I love that he caps it off with an exhortation to thank God for him. If I didn’t like the guy, I’d be tempted to say something like “you’ve just handed us undeniable proof of a lack of gods.”

And don’t forget that any suggestion that we have strong female protagonists in the gaming world will be met with a torrent of entitled bullshit.

Mock The Movie: 2-Headed Shark Attack Transcript

This might be the first movie we’ve done that passes the Bechdel test. Yes, despite its obvious cheesecake premise, the presence of so many women in bikinis whose dialogs are organized to maximize the boobs-on-screen actually has a positive effect on that famous cinematic test where a film passes if two women have a dialog with each other without the presence of, or mention of, a man or male problems.

That’s maybe this film’s only redeeming quality. The two-headed shark can change size at will, hates bisexual threesomes, and is ultimately done in by a plan that depends on something arbitrarily happening differently the third time it happens. It’s still available on Netflix if you want to subject yourself to this nonsense. But if you’re just looking for bikini babes, just go find some pictures online — it’s more honest and less wasteful of anyone’s time.

Dr. Rubidium made this one again, yay two in a row! Stephanie Zvan had to drop out for lack of sleep, but PZ Myers pinch-hit for her. And it looks like CompulsoryAccount’s VLC plugin is almost ready to go. Which reminds me, I still haven’t posted the subtitles files for the last MtM. Geez, I’m slacking.
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What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball?

Nate Jones of noticed a trend while browsing Getty Images for beach volleyball photos. That trend was largely centred on women’s asses.

With the heads cropped out of every photo, it’s no wonder people consider women’s beach volleyball at the Olympics to be nothing short of objectification. There’s nothing wrong with playing beach volleyball, there’s nothing wrong with wearing bikinis while doing it. Hell, these women often like “looking sexy”. The problem comes from the fact that if you’re looking at a photo of beach volleyball, you’ll almost never even have the opportunity to look at the woman’s face. It’s all very “male gaze”.

So Nate recropped many Olympic photos to make the focal point of the photos different. It’s an interesting exercise in objectification, considering you’ll almost never see photos like these otherwise.

But what gets me is the comments. Oh, the comments.
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Frat email trains frosh on how to treat women

Edit: yes, this is from March. It is still relevant though, and it was news to me.

I just read the purest example of unbelievable fuckwittery that enablers of rape culture — the substrate of society that deals with everything to do with sex as a commodity and with women as objects and obstacles to that commodity who must be conquered or overcome — considers a “joke”. It’s this kind of pick-up artist bullshit that basically tells men in general that it’s perfectly acceptable to forget that women are people as long as you’re tricking as many of them to jump on your bone as humanly possible. Letting one another know who you banged is just good courtesy, so others know who pokes and who they don’t have to waste their time on. This is all need-to-know stuff if you’re a college freshman!

“By the end of this memo,” this douchebag exhorts, “you will not only gain a greater understanding of what it means to live, but you will have embraced a lifestyle.”

Oh, I’m sure I will.

However, in order for this to happen you first must know a couple key terms.

*grabs notepad, licks pen tip*

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