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May 27 2012

Obama’s post-Rapture speech

We’re just going to have to get serious here. Hail Satan. Comments are disabled on the Youtube video, naturally. So feel free to make your comments here instead! It’s funny how just anyone can now put words, even grossly libelous ones, into famous people’s mouths, with absolutely no skill or grammar prerequisites. I am very …

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May 10 2012

Why my initial thoughts on the Obama gay marriage announcement are wrong

Yesterday, Barack Obama declared that his position on gay marriage has evolved, and where once he thought civil unions were sufficient, he’s decided, rightly, that they are not, and has made possibly the clearest and most supportive statement on the matter that any president has ever made. Critics have contended that civil unions are another …

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Mar 03 2012

Obama: Dragonborn

I can’t believe I missed this the first time around, when it was edited for the Tonight Show. And I can’t believe that, despite the meme being essentially “something gets moved violently, overdub Fus Ro Dah”, that it manages to make me laugh most of the time. It was edited from this meeting — check …

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Jan 22 2012

A judge in Atlanta is suffering from an Obama delusion

I just thought that I should point out that, now, almost four years after the first claims were spread suggesting that Obama is a secret Kenyan and non-citizen, and after birth certificates have been shown, and Orly Taitz exposed as a mad woman, and political brainwashing has been excoriated at every level, there are still …

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Dec 14 2011

I’m better at graphs than FOX News


Via Washington Monthly, FOX News recently published a chart showing how terrible of a job Obama’s done recently of improving the unemployment crisis.

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