Mock The Movie: Laser Mission

The movie poster for Laser Mission, starring Brandon Lee

If you’re one of those people whose friends have been known to say, “I’m never watching a movie with you again!” this is the event for you.

Quickly, secret agents! Obtain popcorn and booze and join us tonight — that’s right, this very night — in an action-packed mission to stop the KGB from obtaining nuclear weapons… made out of diamonds and laser beams! Can Brandon Lee stop a plot to misapply fundamentals of science in order to rule the world? Tune in to find out!

Have a Twitter account? Have some snark? Have a little bit of time tonight for a deliciously bad movie?
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Possible Mock The Movie target: Laser Mission

I floated the possibility of mocking this particular movie amongst the Mock The Movie regulars some time ago. Evidently Everything Is Terrible put together a trailer of sorts showing exactly how worthy a target this is. How fortuitous, I don’t even have to try to make my case!

What say ye, yea or nay?