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Jan 08 2012

Are universal statements always a problem?

Or just sometimes? It occurs to me that many (“ALL!” “Shh.”) of our problems around these parts viz every new conflagration, from our recent conversation with Mallorie Nasrallah, to the statement by DJ Grothe that we only blog about controversial topics for hits, to the pushback against a Rebecca Watson blog title as though it …

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Dec 23 2011

In defense of my male feminism

I’ve had listed for some time, as part of my profile on the right, the fact that I consider myself a feminist. I put it in shortly after joining Freethought Blogs and being assailed in very short order by the winged monkeys who have this absurd tendency of descending onto any pro-feminism post, shouting down …

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Oct 28 2011

FBI fixes rape defnition: will include male victims and non-penile violation

Via Our Lady of Perpetual Win, the FBI is about to do something very right.

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Oct 13 2011

Owning the slur


Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you. Well, not physically anyway. Not unless they’re slurs intended only to psychologically abuse a target, when they often accompany acts of violence. There are a number of words whose only use is to hurt. There are words that once meant something strong …

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Oct 12 2011

The Instruction Manual for Men

“I mean we certainly use men more than we use our other appliances, right?” “It’s something that’s genetic. IT REALLY IS!!” What is this I don’t even. Thanks a lot for this, Everything Is Terrible.

Aug 01 2011

Rebecca’s Crime

CFI has released the full talk wherein Rebecca Watson accused Stef McGraw of eating babies and murdering kittens or something. You’ll have to watch it yourself. Watched the whole thing yet? Good! My reaction:

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Jul 25 2011

The Problem with Privilege: some correct assertions, with caveats

I really want to get on with other things. Seriously, I do. Which is why I want to cede a bit of ground — or at least it might seem that way to the casual observer, given all the things I’m about to agree to. It would pay dividends in furthering the conversation if you …

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Jul 22 2011

The Problem with Privilege (or: cheap shots, epithets and baseless accusations for everyone!)

This may be the last thing I have to say on the topic for a while, as I’m rapidly approaching my own STFU Station having already blogged far too much on this topic. But the imbroglio continues, and so must I. For a little while, anyway. One of the major problems stemming directly from Rebecca …

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Feb 11 2010

Which is more sexist?

The Dodge Charger Superbowl ad: Or the parody rebuttal: Blag Hag seems to think that by posting the rebuttal, she’s going to get yelled at by sensitive men accusing her of misandry. She also thinks that she can innoculate herself against these charges by pointing out how stupid they are, before they happen. What do …

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May 17 2009

Today’s lesson: men and women ARE different

Since we’re talking a bit about gender norms and sexist behaviour lately, here’s a fascinating study Jodi pointed out to me yesterday regarding what people perceive as sexist. Jodi has reservations with some of the questions asked, feeling as though if there’s not a preexisting stereotype regarding the behaviour in the question, it’s not really …

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