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Nov 26 2012

Evangelist Matt Pitt’s misogynist stand-up act

Youtube comments: So why was he arrested in May for impersonating a police officer? Does that make women hot too? Marisa Young 2 hours ago A convicted criminal is probably not the right kind of person to get personal advice from. JeffDM 3 hours ago Oh yeah, it's hilarious all right. Let's gather together every stupid stereotype about women in one place and pretend we're honoring women when we're really making fun of them! And this guy is a preacher. Is it any wonder that more and more folks are embracing atheism these days? Wow. Marisa Young 5 hours ago What a douchelord. TheArchieSpeck 5 hours ago 2 This bro is a preacher? What a joke. WobulTterrag 5 hours ago 2 Merica' Pampl3Moos3 2 days ago

Today I Learned: women are easily manipulable via chocolate. Doesn’t matter how much pain they’re in, you can cure them with chocolate. Extrapolating from this, it doesn’t matter if they’re allergic to chocolate, you can cure them with chocolate. It probably also doesn’t matter if they’re seriously pissed off at you because you’re being a …

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