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Aug 05 2011

RCimT: Space roundup

A few quick Space links to cap Friday night. On Bad Astronomy: Atlantis’ final reentry was caught from the IIS in this amazing picture. Also, an amateur astronomer managed to catch the IIS and Atlantis in broad daylight, 1.5 hrs after sunrise. Awesome! Speaking of amateur astronomy, this iPhone telescope clip would be awesome. If …

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Jul 02 2011

Symphony of Science: The Case for Mars

Every one of these Symphony of Science songs makes my heart sing. I have to admit sometimes autotune makes my ear twitch, but this series has been incredibly good in that respect. Either they’ve got their autotune shit together so it doesn’t make me flinch, or the content is simply awesome enough to divert my …

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Jul 14 2010

If it smells like Funk, it must be astrology

Yeah, I made a Black Eyed Peas reference and a non-ad-hominem attack in the title. Whatcha gonna do about it? I’ll be cross-posting everything below the fold at his site and will add the link here momentarily. I’ve cross-posted it here, though it’s apparently still in moderation due to the copious amount of links. Update: …

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