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Jun 18 2009

PulseAudio and I have a strained relationship

Ever since the Ubuntu folks switched their underlying sound architecture from ALSA to PulseAudio, I’ve had some manner of issue or another. At first, it was certain applications (e.g. Audacity) not running, due to never having been coded to use Pulse instead of its default, needing hours to hack around. Then after PulseAudio sorted out …

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Jun 17 2009

Asus used to be supporters of Linux, now not so much

I had allowed myself to be convinced that the campaign to push Windows on consumers looking to buy an Asus Eee PC was a hoax, but it turns out it’s real. For a time, by offering low-cost netbook Eee PCs with embedded Linux and consumers realizing that it works just as well, Linux was actually …

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Jun 15 2009

His name… is Linux.

Apropos of Greg Laden’s recent posting of a Linux “commercial”, here’s one I saw a few years back and stuck with me as an excellent commercial regardless of the subject matter. If I can find one without subtitles, I’ll replace it. Eventually. Also, if you’re into those Mac ads with the “I’m a Mac, and …

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Jun 15 2009

Europe wins vs Microsoft, and hasn’t even ordered remedies yet!

According to the investigative journalists over at CNet, Microsoft will unbundle IE8 from Windows 7 and release it as Windows 7 E. However, they’re actually taking this action preemptively, and the EU Antitrust courts haven’t actually specifically asked them to do anything yet. They’re also unbundling Windows Media Player from it and releasing it as …

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Jun 07 2009

Happy 40th Birthday, Unix!

Forty years ago today, Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie started hacking together a new operating system that would fix the problems they saw with the clunky Multics. This would become Unix, the progenitor of all Posix-compliant operating systems, including the open-source wunderkind Linux. According to the Slashdot comments, the venerable operating system celebrated its birthday …

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Jun 01 2009

Now entering Silent Hill…

One of the big things on my agenda last night (outside of facilitating a major server upgrade entirely provided by a third party — gotta love free upgrades!) was reconfiguring the BIOS for every computer station in the office to boot via network first, hard drive second. Recently, I set up Free Open Ghost, an …

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May 25 2009

Awesome SSH tricks

Greg Laden’s having problems with his ScienceBlogs site‘s commenting (those problems being that Movable Type sucks), so he’s started posting stuff on his old WordPress site. Stuff like this great Linux Journal video, showing you how to spawn a GUI-based program on a remote server over SSH. I pointed out on that post’s comments, if …

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May 20 2009

Finally fixed a nagging Linux problem

Flash under Ubuntu with Compiz enabled (the graphical layer that does all the nifty desktop effects), has a slight problem under Intel video cards like the one built into my work laptop. Finally, thanks to this article on Tombuntu, I found a fix for the issue. Just run this command under a terminal: gconftool-2 –set …

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May 16 2009

Open-Source Software Shout-Out

(OSSSO?) Here’s two great bits of code that’ll never get attribution from my workplace, as they’re being used on internal-facing projects, so I wanted to give them shout-outs here where someone might actually notice. First is a pure DHTML-and-Javascript date picking applet, simple but efficient and well-documented for any beginner Javascript programmers, which I’ll be …

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May 15 2009

One true time I hold to, MySQL will always go on

I just quoted Celine Dion. Oh my. On behalf of all of Canada, I apologize for her existence. The prognosis is much less grim than it once might have been for MySQL, in the wake of Sun being bought out by rival database company Oracle. Monty Widenius, who is to MySQL what Linus Torvalds is …

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