Tropes v Women In Video Games is under troll attack

I’ve mentioned the Tropes vs Women in Video Games kickstarter project before, along with the FeministFrequency series of 101-level videos about feminist concepts as regards popular culture. These videos, by the way, are excellent — they’re so excellent, in fact, that they’re even used in schools. The kickstarter exists to help keep FeministFrequency making new videos, as well as to fund the concerted research and time spent on this specific video that FemFreq is making.

In taking on this topic, however, it seems she’s stumbled onto the hornet’s nest of misogyny that is the online video game community.
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The twenty comments in my moderation queue

I want to clear out the twenty comments I have pending moderation — the only twenty comments to hit moderation since I joined Freethought Blogs. These comments came from people who have earned “bans” (which, around here, means they can post but only I see it) for various reasons, and in one major case, from someone who wanted to keep arguing long after he was blocked for threadjacking, thread hogging, mistreating me and basically every commenter, and being a general douchenozzle. I post these not to legitimize anything anyone’s said, but because I actually care a significant amount more about free speech than some of these aforementioned douchenozzles seem to believe. I don’t particularly like any of the lines of argumentation proffered by the people in question, but I don’t, also, want to simply black-hole them because that just ain’t my style.

So, I’m going to post these comments here. Think of this more as my having stopped people from shitting on the rug, forcing them to shit in the chamber pot, where I’ll now dump out the contents for any interested parties to see. If you dislike anti-feminist sentiment, misogyny, specious argumentation, or DavidByron, I strongly recommend you skip this post. If you’re just looking for whargarbl, there’s plenty to be had here.

Goes without saying — expect the possibility of triggering language from misogynist fuckwits. Funny that it’s only them who landed there.
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