Zero Suit Master Chief: Turnabout is fair play, except for your spine

One of the things that bugs me the most about Zero Suit Samus is that Samus is, ordinarily, a tank, and a female in armor is a rarity in fantasy and science fiction whereas every man is allowed to wear sensible protection. Video game heroes who wear armor get to keep that trademark armor through their service, and are very rarely ever shown in skintight spandex, unless they happen to also be girls. There are now pretty much no unsexualized female video game characters.

So it’s a fair bit of turnabout for Mister Bolk to take a similar character, Master Chief, and show what he must look like without his armor.

In a boobs-and-butt pose, no less.

And no, Master Chief is not a girl. Bungie took a stab at making a female Spartan, and it apparently worked like this nonsense. At least she gets to wear armor.