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Apr 30 2012

“Get your antifemininity out of my feminism”

This essay by s. e. smith is something I honestly wish I could have written myself (but see Comment 1 below), because it’s a point that is rarely raised in fighting against misogynist sentiment and the gender roles that enable it. That point is, eliminating those gender stereotypes does not entail actually eliminating the stereotyped …

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Apr 17 2012

The new coder culture: “Brogrammers”

A few days ago, Neil McAllister of Fatal Exception covered the age and gender disparity in the software development world, and it sounds strikingly similar to stories about the science research world, video gaming communities, the various atheist communities online, and hell, even the “Brony” community. Apparently, a sort of generalized culture has emerged within …

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Apr 16 2012

Nothing is true, everything is permitted — except a female Assassin

One of the really cool things about the Assassin’s Creed series is how many liberties it takes with the historical source materials, in order to build a vast conspiracy theory of Templars vs Assassins. The story goes about assigning historical figures throughout the ages to one or the other faction, putting them into direct conflict …

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Apr 10 2012

Pat Robertson: “Man up” and give money to the church against wife’s wishes

Oh yeah. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s the kinda take-charge attitude that’ll get you divorced in a hurry. Wife’s not a Christian? Family budget is in the red? Wife more concerned about feeding the kids than about your spiritual needs? Worried that God won’t like you if you don’t give ten percent of your …

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Feb 12 2012

Rape survivor campaign in UK: Must we say “real men?”

Rugby ad: ball pierced by a nail with text, "Real men get raped, talking about it takes real strength"

I’m of two minds about this UK rape survivors campaign highlighted over at Copyranter.

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Feb 06 2012

16 year old girl Hacks the Tube almost into space to get into MIT

Via Boing Boing, this is absolutely awesome. As part of their Early Action Admits, MIT challenges prospective students to hack the tube the enrollment letter came in into something cool. So one 16-year-old girl put a camera, a GPS, and two Ham radio transmitters, strapped it to an 800 gram helium balloon, and sent it …

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Jan 11 2012

Brand new beauty product: Fotoshop by Adobé

Via Jeremy Witteveen, a video quite apropos to an earlier discussion we had on the unfair and unattainable female body image built and propagated by the media. Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Dec 26 2011

Three year old girl has gender marketing all figured out

Via Unicorn Booty, a three-year-old realizes there’s something very wrong with gender marketing and goes on a rant. I don’t know how much she’s been taught to look out for this stuff, but either way, she’s the next generation and it warms my heart. When three year olds can come to such feminist realizations unbidden, …

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Dec 23 2011

In defense of my male feminism

I’ve had listed for some time, as part of my profile on the right, the fact that I consider myself a feminist. I put it in shortly after joining Freethought Blogs and being assailed in very short order by the winged monkeys who have this absurd tendency of descending onto any pro-feminism post, shouting down …

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Dec 19 2011

Reports of gender roles’ death are greatly exaggerated

Via Right Wing Watch, James Dobson and Bill Bennett mourn the death of traditional male gender roles, thanks to those meddling gays and feminists. If only those roles were actually dead! Dobson: You’re concerned about manhood today, aren’t you? Bennett: Yes. Dobson: Especially in the Western world, we’ve forgotten what it means to be a …

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