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Feb 26 2012

Trick to going faster than light: loosen some cables

Evidently the first thing the folks at OPERA should have done when going over all their lab results after they found neutrinos beating the speed of light by 60ns (also covered further, and further still, previously on my blog), was to check all the cables. According to sources familiar with the experiment, the 60 nanoseconds …

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Nov 26 2011

OPERA still wrong, says ICARUS: neutrinos show energy signature for obeying speed limit

A paper by another team at Gran Sasso, ICARUS, contradicts the OPERA neutrino results by measuring the energy spectrum of the supposedly speeding neutrinos and finds that they could not have traveled faster than light.

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Nov 21 2011

OPERA duplicates previous results: neutrinos still 60ns too fast

Via Science 2.0: So what does OPERA find ? Their main result, based on the 15,233 neutrino interactions collected in three years of data taking, is unchanged from the September result. The most interesting part of the new publication is instead that the find that the 20 new neutrino events (where neutrino speeds are individually …

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