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Feb 03 2012

The Birth of the Moon

An intriguing documentary has caught my eye with its slick teaser trailer. We like the moon. Because it is close to us. I can’t wait to see this doc when it’s out. I’ve had a long-standing love affair with the moon and its effects on our planet. I’ve posted quite a bit about it in …

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Dec 22 2011

The Kepler destroys the fine-tuning argument

I’ve posted this before, but it’s worth seeing again in light of the Earth-sized planets Kepler just found.

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Dec 20 2011

First Earth-sized exoplanets found!

Kepler 20f, Venus, Earth, and Kepler 20e arranged in size order from smallest to biggest

NASA reports that the Kepler mission has discovered the first Earth-sized exoplanets ever discovered. What’s even wilder: they found the pair of them in the same damned system.

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Dec 06 2011

Kepler confirms: Super-earth found in star’s habitable zone!

A milestone find by the Kepler mission: a planet a little over twice the size of Earth, situated in the Goldilocks zone of its star where liquid water can exist at the surface. Which by extension means that, if this planet is terrestrial and has water, there’s the possibility of life as we know it.

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Dec 02 2011

Life may not depend on planet having a large moon

Via Universe Today, some news regarding the long-held belief that a stable axial tilt requires a large enough moon to provide stabilization — a study suggests it’s less necessary than previously believed. Ever since a study conducted back in 1993, it has been proposed that in order for a planet to support more complex life, …

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Nov 26 2011

RCimT: some space porn!

Via Astronomy Picture of the Day, my premier space porn site, comes this amazing time-lapse video shot from the International Space Station. Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS from Michael K├Ânig on Vimeo. Some random other links below the fold.

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Sep 22 2011

RCimT: a quick science news roundup

Welcome to the first Random Crap in my Tabs posted to Freethought Blogs! Every once in a while, my browser’s tabs get far too full of “stuff that must be blogged”, stuff that I figured was too interesting to just read and close, and in order to free up resources so I can do other …

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