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Jan 30 2012

Study: Poor thinking skills and conservatism/racism/homophobia strongly correlated

Via Jezebel, sometimes science isn’t just good for improving humanity’s lot in this universe, or improving (or drastically reducing) our overall life expectancy as a species. Sometimes science is also excellent at coming along and sciencing you up the perfect blog post. As it turns out, pretty much everything you’ve suspected about conservatism and racism …

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Dec 20 2011

Can we stop calling science things “God Something”?

Let’s play a little game of quantum compare/contrast. “Oh, sure,” you object; “because quantum stuff is so easy to find and examine in situ!” But that’s pretty much exactly the point — quantum ISN’T easy to do that with. What IS easy to compare/contrast is stuff in macro — stuff at the “human size scale”. …

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