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Sep 01 2010

Harper wants Canada to have its own Fox News

Evidently Stephen Harper is not satisfied with running a minority government like one long game of chicken, or having the truth inconveniently turn up every time they try to pull the wool over Canadian citizens’ eyes (remember “unreported crimes are skyrocketing” as an excuse for pouring billions into unnecessary new jails? You should — it …

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Aug 28 2010

Some code showing how the Mars Effect actually works

Found some interesting code in an old edit (excised for being “original research”) in the Wikipedia article for the “Mars Effect” discovered in one of astrology’s centerpiece studies. I note that Robert Currey has not moved from the astrology thread that won’t die, nor has he deigned fit to respond to my charges that he …

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Jul 18 2010

The State of the Astrology Non-Debate

The thread over at Funk Astrology where Jamie Funk has pretty much cast me as an inquisitor hunting astrology heretics, wherein I’ve asked several times that someone actually show up and address the questions in my post, has netted us a number of amusing trolls but nobody actually addressing my post. Oh, I mean, you …

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Jul 12 2010

Deepwater Horizon foretold by astrology!!! (Well, post-told)

When I need a dose of post-hoc rationalizations for recent events based on a pseudo-random number generator formula and what happened the some previous time the numbers came out exactly the same way, I look to astrology. To add to what I mentioned about the role of Ceres conjunct Pluto, Pluto iself rules mining and …

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Jun 25 2010

Abiogenesis is not spontaneous generation. Period.

During a brief skirmish I had the other day on Twitter with young-Earth creationist Joe Cienkowski (of self-published anti-atheist tract fame), he asserted that the theory of abiogenesis is the same as the now-disproven hypothesis of spontaneous generation. This is, of course, as with pretty well every other assertion about science ever made by Joe, …

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May 28 2010

Why prayer is nonsense – part 4

3 – But everyone knows prayer works! This is part 4 in a series of posts on prayer. Please use the links at the top and bottom of each post to navigate through the parts. The master post is here. even if it IS useless, what’s the harm? Despite the evidence that most types of …

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May 21 2010

Why Prayer is Nonsense – part 3

2 – Know your deities This is part 3 in a series of posts on prayer. Please use the links at the top and bottom of each post to navigate through the parts. but everyone knows prayer works! Everyone prays when your time comes or when you get into trouble, even atheists — or so …

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May 19 2010

Why prayer is nonsense – part 2

1 – First, define prayer This is part 2 in a series of posts on prayer. Please use the links at the top and bottom of each post to navigate through the parts. know your deities In the monotheistic religions that make up the bulk of religions in the Western world, the variety of qualities …

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May 10 2010

Humanists Sending Ambassadors to Canada’s Prayer Breakfast

Theo Bromine, an occasional commenter on this blog, is apparently more active in humanist circles than I’d realized. She serves presently as President of the Humanist Association of Ottawa, and is apparently making some tangible inroads with the government’s nonsensical National Prayer Breakfast — Canada’s answer to the American National Day of Prayer. She sent …

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Apr 25 2010

Earthquakes and boobs (the religious kind)

There’s nothing I like better than taking the pseudoscientific claims of a religious cleric and proving them to be wholly divorced from reality. I have a bad feeling about this particular effort, though. This one’s going to backfire, it’s only a question of how severely. Don’t get me wrong. I like breasts (being a heteronormative …

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