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Jul 31 2011

RCimT: Climate round-up

Apropos of the topic of discussion for today’s radio show, here’s a roundup of some links related to climate change, plus some other related sciencey bits that I otherwise just wanted to get out of my tabs. Enjoy! Here’s how climate change was subsumed into the “culture war”. Good overview of how we got to …

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Jul 27 2011

What group do I belong to, that is the least tolerated in America?

Guess. Wonder why I speak out? Hat tip to GenerationXeroFilms on Youtube. Well done!

Dec 24 2010

The real issue right-wingers have with DADT’s repeal

If you’ve been following the recent fallout from the recent repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, you’ll know that the vocal fringe of the right-wing has said some pretty absurd and hateful things about the potential results of allowing openly gay soldiers in the army. Specifically, that doing so will “pussify” or make effeminate the …

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