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Sep 14 2012

Dr Pepper vs the creationists


You might remember the quiet unassuming soda Dr. Pepper from its recent foray into potentially-parody toxic masculinity with its Dr Pepper Ten campaign. It appears the company has discovered that controversy is really good for its business, so its marketers came up with a new brilliant plan: make an ad that references evolution. “What? But …

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Apr 01 2012

Backstabbing and well-poisoning are Assassins’ games

About a month ago, I had a few conversations with Dylan Biery (Assassin Actual) over email, and considering what just happened over at his blog, I think it’s probably time to poison the well a little. I’ll be perfectly blunt — I wouldn’t trust basically anything on his blog as being on the up and …

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Nov 22 2011

If you wish to bake an apple pie from scratch, you must first postulate another universe

A gentleman by the name of Clay Farris Naff wrote up an anti-Gnu piece providing apologetics for creation myths by inventing one of his own. I use the term gentleman rather loosely, given his “with me or against me” stances in comments defending this piece. His stated purpose? The claim I aim to rebut is …

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Aug 24 2010

Remember Zdenny?

Remember our favorite pet troll’s prediction that I’d be shut down within a month? Remember how that happened on January 24th? Well, I just celebrated my 8-month anniversary of having not been shut down. Meanwhile, what’s his site look like now? I have to admit, it’s a huge improvement. Shame he didn’t even last long …

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