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Nov 26 2009

RCimT: Midweek Religion Catch-up

A few religion-related, pre-Wednesday links to catch you up on. 145 evangelical, Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christian leaders have signed a declaration promising civil disobedience against any laws that “could be used to compel their institutions to participate in abortions, or to bless or in any way recognize same-sex couples.” They even have the temerity …

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Nov 21 2009

Forced morality

Fundamentalist Christians oftentimes attempt to legislate sexuality — from laws that state marriage is “between one man and one woman”, to laws against women getting abortions even in cases where the mother was raped, or where the baby has no chance of surviving and poses a health risk to the mother. They oftentimes attempt to …

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Nov 06 2009


Maine is famous for its lobster industry. They have yearly festivals, cooking contests, and huge intra-fishery wars, and the industry makes up a huge percentage of the state’s local income. The aggregate total of their fishing industry averaging 15% of their GDP (in 2007 being $48 billion), and lobster makes up a huge chunk of …

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Aug 08 2009

Some atheist readings

While I deal with a recalcitrant computer, here’s some interesting links for you to read. DanJ follows up on the “moderate theist” vs “fundamentalist” schism as touched on in my last post, and asks a number of uncomfortable questions of them. Ben Stein got EXPELLED from the New York Times for being involved with that …

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Aug 07 2009

The obstacles in the atheist civil rights movement

To try to distill what everyone’s saying over at Almost Diamonds, where a post on how deferential atheists need to be in society today ended up spiraling out into a larger discussion (as such conversations are wont to do) on whether reasonable theists are getting caught in the crossfire, the problems here as I see …

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May 22 2009

Mancow waterboarded, folds after 6 secs

Those conservative talk radio hosts are all hat and no cattle. They regularly claim waterboarding isn’t torture, that it’s “just getting a little wet”, or comparable to a “hazing”. Sean Hannity said he’d do it for charity to prove it wasn’t so bad, then backed down before honouring his commitment. Even Christopher Hitchens, right on …

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Mar 18 2009

I seriously dislike a number of people you probably think are cool.

I’m starting to think I like riling up outrage. Too bad I’m not actually attracting much outrage thus far. So, here’s me taking another stab at it, by attacking three of the most venerated religious figures of all time. Given the hypothetical situation that Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and the Dalai Lama are all drowning, and …

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