Intactivists overstate the case

I am absolutely against circumcision of males, except where medically necessary or where it has a net-positive effect in curtailing sexually transmitted diseases in high-risk populations. But when I see some “intactivists” — activists protesting circumcision of males — making the case in such a hyperbolic and emotive manner, I can’t help but shake my head.

In a “colorful protest” by Brother K and his “bloodstained men”, men in white jumpsuits protest with large red spots on their crotches.

“The destruction to the male genitals is absolute,” says Brother K. “Total. You’re left with a fraction of what God and nature intended. It’s appalling.”

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C0nc0rdance circumcision follow-up

Apparently, C0nc0rdance posted a followup video to the circumcision video I posted last week, but apparently Youtube took it down for some reason. Some of his friends have been kind enough to mirror it — and, strangely, haven’t gotten taken down themselves yet.

I am still against routine male circumcision, but there are good and humanist arguments for it in areas where viral infection are prevalent. Anti-circumcision zealots notwithstanding.