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Aug 23 2009

More Sunday Atheist Readings

Linking posts are like cruise control for good-blogging-habits. Why write your own blog when you can point to others? Though an atheist-centric linking post on Sunday morning seems strangely fitting, does it not? I guess, that depends on what your particular religion’s holy day happens to be. I mean, the Abrahamic religions can’t even decide …

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Aug 12 2009

Zdenny’s Greatest Misses

Zdenny has 22 comments in a holding pattern at the moment, and I continue to anxiously await any sort of reasonable attempt at re-earning his commenting privilege — though I’m starting to think it’s a lost cause, and I should simply let him languish in his holding pen. However, many of the things he’s posted …

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Jun 12 2009

More cheating at Youtube

Creationists surely do love to fight dirty on Youtube, whether it’s by using vote-bots to skew legitimate metrics of brainshare, or abusing them some DMCA. The last time I reported on this, it was VenomFangX being a fucking douchebag and filing false DMCA claims to squelch an opposing viewpoint. This time, it’s the Creationist Discovery …

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May 30 2009

Put the lime in the tequilla and drink it all up

We’re having Mark and Sara over for barbecue and Stephanie Zvan’s Perfect Margaritas. We’re cheating by using bottled lime juice, but it’s 100% pure lime juice not some crazy chemical extract. Hopefully it won’t lose too much from it. I fully intend to update this post as the day goes on and our liquor stock …

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Feb 23 2009

How to cheat at Youtube

If there’s one thing I hate in this world, it’s a cheater. No, I’m not talking about using a cheat code so you can blow through the last stage of Doom 3 to beat the end boss and see the ending sequence after a long weekend of slagging your way through demons the old fashioned …

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