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Jan 26 2013

Kitten on epic mount

I wonder what level you have to be to get so mighty a steed.

Aug 02 2012

My cat Molly


Look. This is going to be a mushy post. About a cat. If you don’t like it, don’t read it, and especially don’t comment. I’m not particularly interested in your disapproval right now. About eight years ago, I was living in Toronto in the basement of the mother of my boss. My roommate at the …

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Mar 17 2012

Another shot in the Great FtB Rift war

As you are I’m sure well aware, we atheists have been fighting like cats and dogs lately. Here’s video of another salvo. I have no idea which side is on the offense here. Via Copyranter.

Feb 24 2012

Full-out Atheist On Atheist War!

Tiny turtle pushing a marble toward some tiny bowling pins

Oh holy shit, we’re talking honest-to-goodness internecene throwdowns happening all along the Great Atheist Rift! Crommunist fired the first shot, like Franz Ferdinand himself, declaring that anyone who likes cats must naturally be infected by toxoplasmosis, which is the only explanation why anyone would subject themselves the nonsense that is a cat’s existence.

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Feb 19 2012

Cat hug


via Daily Squee, apropos of nothing but that I needed it.

Nov 18 2011

Got a buck? Sponsor a rescue kitty!

Kitty Tapia. Yes, that's her name at the moment. Maybe send suggestions for a name, too!

My sister-in-law Teri, living in Georgia with her husband Shannon, has just rescued a ten-year-old cat she found near her place of employ. This kitty either ran away or was abandoned, was extremely sickly when Teri found her, and evidently has a lump on her thyroid. Since Teri and Shannon have enormous hearts but only …

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Jul 10 2011

Kitten Vs. Two Apples

Sequel to the best thing on the internet.