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Jun 03 2011

Refute this, William Lane Craig.

I’m amazed, time and again, that William Lane Craig is as eminently respected in the world as he is. Certainly, he’s a polished debater, and would likely mop the floor with me in any sort of live debate (given especially that live debates do not lend well to matters of fact over opinion). But his …

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Apr 26 2011

Election projections for your riding; who to vote for to simply beat Cons

Canada’s election at the moment looks like a choice between another Conservative minority, or a Conservative majority government, unless everyone were to suddenly vote Liberal strategically. In Canada, one can gain a majority government (e.g., enough seats to mean your party basically wins every parliamentary motion) with a mere 35% of the popular vote with …

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Apr 09 2011

In MI, does CFI stand for Center For Incivility?


Oh boy! More blogosphere drama! I’m a big supporter of skeptical groups and any other sort of outreach effort from the scientifically minded community, as I’m sure you know. Center For Inquiry‘s Michigan branch has an e-mail newsletter and an online calendar, which they use to promote science talks in the area. They host talks …

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Mar 18 2011

My Formspring brings all the hits to the blog

Seriously, a disproportionate number of blog hits are going to an old post wherein I syndicated from my Formspring account a bunch of random Formspring questions. It’s not particularly interesting, or informative, or even remotely deep. But it’s got almost four times as many hits as the next most read post, due to its high …

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Feb 18 2011

RCimT: Stuff to be mad about

As I implied yesterday, there’s far too much going on in this world right now that deserves my ire. I have to mete it out carefully or I won’t have enough to go around, because the meds for my Stretch Armstrong leg are seriously putting a damper on my ability to draw from my bile …

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Jan 02 2011

Assange and the Fallacy Fanboys

The Julian Assange rape case, as I’ve asserted elsewhere, is separate and distinct from the ongoing Wikileaks fallout. However, as with most such celebrities in a sudden and potentially career-ending scandal, the advent of the rape allegations against him have caused any number of conspiracy theorists to emerge from the woodworks — not only to …

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Aug 31 2010

TheoreticalBullshit on morality in absence of a deity

Well argued, TheoreticalBullshit. An excellent summary of the argument between religious folks and secular folks about where morality comes from, and defines my position pretty much to a tee. Morality is entirely a social construct, for the benefit of that society and the individual members therein. This is not a difficult concept to grasp.

Aug 23 2010

Antivax is bullshit

Penn and Teller show, in simple terms, exactly why. Even granting for the sake of argument alone that the vaccines will “knock out” a person as autistic (which can’t happen) or will have other deleterious effects by some other happenstance, it’s far better to lose a very few, rather than a very large, number of …

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Jul 31 2010

Some bullshit to be angry about

A woman was included in a Girls Gone Wild video where someone pulled her top down against her will. She sued, unsuccessfully, as a jury of her peers decided she’d implied consent to being on camera topless by virtue of having danced in front of the camera. No release forms were signed, but evidently none …

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Jul 23 2010

Breitbart can bite me.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past several days, USDA worker Shirley Sherrod was forced out of her job over a conveniently clipped fragment of a speech from 2006 posted on Andrew Breitbart’s blog (whom I won’t link, the execrable toad) that painted her as an anti-white racist, and turned into …

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