Rush Limbaugh as The Penguin explains the Bat-Conspiracy against Romney

You have to admit, Oswald Cobblepot is actually significantly more sane-sounding than this normally. Jimmy Kimmel pretty much picked the perfect clips to show how ridiculous Limbaugh’s accusations are, because the clips of Bane are from an episode that first aired September 10, 1994. If there was a secret plot to make Mitt Romney look stupid and evil, it would have had to hatch eighteen years ago.

This evil villain was even in Batman and Robin, which I’m sure you’ve all scrubbed from your memories for Bane being such an ineffectual villain and for the existence of Bat-nipples. And yet somehow this was a plot against Romney — despite the fact that, when the first trailers for The Dark Knight Rises were showing up, we still thought Newt Fucking Gingrich was going to be Obama’s opponent.

Anyway, it’s ridiculous to say anything in the Batman mythology is politically tilted against Republicans in any way, frankly — it’s one long capitalist power fantasy. It’s Objectivism writ large, where the rich make the rules and personally destroy through physical violence and psychological terrorism any deviance from the script. Not that those fantastic elements don’t make for an entertaining story, mind you. I love the hell out of the Batman mythology, to be perfectly frank, even despite (and in some cases because of) it being so diametrically opposed to many of my own personal ideologies.

(Yes, I’ve heard about the theatre shooting. That’ll be a different post, please and thanks.)

Indie film does Catwoman fight scene as good as Arkham City

Back home, and already missing Minneapolis and the wonderful people therein. Got in at 1:30am last night, had to work in the morning, so I didn’t have time to schedule anything for this morning. I’ll post now the two items I’d prepared on the plane last night.

If you haven’t had a chance to play Batman: Arkham City, you really should. The combat, exploration, plot, graphics, controls, basically everything is perfect. Except… there’s one little problem I have with it. The blatant oversexualization of, and sexist slurs cast by thugs about, Catwoman. I’ll need to post something about it some day, probably the next time I play the game and hear a random thug mention “having fun with” her. The non-consensual kind of fun.

So, seeing a choreographed fight aimed at mimicking Catwoman’s fighting style in Arkham City, sans the extra sexist nonsense, e.g. the “catcalls” or ludicrously unzipped-to-her-navel catsuit (how’s that supposed to block out all the visible flesh as a matter of practicality when she’s trying to lurk in shadows exactly!?), was pretty nice. Many kudos to the Thousand Pounds Action Company for kicking so much ass. Video below the fold.
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