Mock The Movie: In The Year 2889 transcript (and subtitles file!)

With little further ado, here’s the transcript for this week’s Mock The Movie. It was a stinker. It was like a psychological drama and a monster movie mashed up, with all the interesting bits removed. Yes, even the senseless deaths.

For the subtitle file, in case you want to watch In The Year 2889 in VLC with the tweets as subtitles, here is the script. Right-click, save-as. It’s uploaded as a .txt file, thanks to stupid server restrictions, so change the extension to .srt . Rename it to exactly the same name as your copy of the video, put it in the same folder, and VLC should pick it up and display them automatically. Thanks once again to CompulsoryAccount7746 for the script and doing the conversion.
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Mock The Movie: Frankenstein (2004) Transcript

Below the fold, as always, the transcript for Mock The Movie: Frankenstein.

CompulsoryAccount7746 built a Python script that takes the transcript, from my blog post, and converts it into a subtitle file that can be viewed with VLC. It’s a great idea, but much as it pains me to say, it would be way easier for me to simply build in the appropriate conversion tools to my existing scrape script than it would be to first post, then convert, then edit the post to include the .srt file. Since .srt files are plain-text anyway, I might as well save CA7746 the trouble and create the conversion inline. I haven’t done it this time around, but I’ll be building something into my current scrape script (which is based on this script, if you’re interested) and will post future MtMs as downloadable subtitle files.

I might even be able to convince my current script to pull all the transcript from this last MtM even into a proper .srt file sometime today, assuming my migraine from last night (when I wrote this post) has subsided.
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