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Oct 01 2011

We’re building an army

A much-too-small token of my gratitude. Enjoy! -Greta

You will be assimilated into Freethought Blogs. Resistance is futile. Dana of En Tequila Es Verdad is running a well-stocked bar. The inimitable Al Stefaneli of American Atheists supplies A Voice of Reason to our conversation. The entire Atheist Experience crew have hung up their coats and taken a seat. We’ve got a genuine first …

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Sep 30 2011

Two boats tethered together on a lake (a repost)

The following is a repost from 07/10/2009 on Accomodationism vs New Atheism. Given how well it worked for Stephanie Zvan and Greta Christina as first posts, maybe I should have led with this one. Or maybe I should write something new. I’m sure I have more to say about the nonsense that is the “New …

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