Ashu Solo increases pressure on Saskatoon prayer-mayor

I’ve covered previously Ashu Solo’s complaints to the mayor of Saskatoon for one of their councillors’ prayers during a volunteer appreciation dinner, and the CCLA asking them to stop it.

It appears that several days ago, Solo contacted me to let me know that he’s built a blog post regarding the media’s coverage of this ongoing issue, and of Atchison’s and Donauer’s odious and religiously-privileged responses. (My email has been inundated lately though, so it kinda got buried, and I’m only getting around to posting this now.)

That post is here, and includes an open letter to the pair that documents where they’ve doubled down publicly.
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CCLA asks Saskatoon mayor “please stop prayer at events”

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (the Canuck counterpart to the ACLU) has sent a letter to mayor Don Atchison asking that the city stop exhorting event participants to pray after atheist Ashu Solo, member of the city’s diversity committee, complained that he felt excluted at a volunteer appreciation dinner where a councillor led a prayer over their food.

The association has sent a letter to Mayor Don Atchison in connection with a city-sponsored volunteer appreciation event in April at which city councillor Randy Donauer allegedly led the audience in a Christian prayer.

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