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Jun 17 2012

The Horsewomen of the Feminist Apocalypse

Greta Christina with whip, on Rainbow Dash

Commenter Pteryxx observed on the guest post by Jacqueline S. Homan a few days ago that there were a total of four identified targets of misogynist sentiment in the original guest post and my in-line observation, and that they could therefore be the four horsewomen of the feminist skeptical apocalypse. Of course, there are much …

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Apr 01 2012

Backstabbing and well-poisoning are Assassins’ games

About a month ago, I had a few conversations with Dylan Biery (Assassin Actual) over email, and considering what just happened over at his blog, I think it’s probably time to poison the well a little. I’ll be perfectly blunt — I wouldn’t trust basically anything on his blog as being on the up and …

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