Jesus and Buddha get an apartment in Tokyo

Saint Young Men (Saint Oniisan), a manga by Hikaru Nakamura, is apparently getting an anime film treatment sometime soon.

The anime film imagines if the Enlightened One Buddha (voiced by actor Gen Hoshino) and the Son of God Jesus (SAKEROCK band leader Mirai Moriyama) shared a low-rent apartment in Tokyo. The two holy beings have landed on Earth and now experience the mortal life in Japan. The two then proceed to get yelled at by their landlady because they did not separate their trash, and Jesus tells Buddha that he has always wanted to look up the idol group Momoiro Clover Z.

I guess Jesus and Mo had a falling out! I expect I will be amused by this, though I’ll probably have to wait for a subtitled translation.

The Whitewashing of Akira

I can’t say I’m particularly looking forward to this, though as a geek I’m duty-bound to watch. Apparently Akira is being given the live-action Hollywood treatment. Say it ain’t so!

I’m not much of a “canon purist”, especially not in cases where I’ve never read the original source — the original anime movie Akira was based on a 2100-page manga epic and therefore had to depart from the source a good number of ways to make it fit into a reasonable movie-length premiere. My chief concern even outside of the faithfulness to the originating material is that the impending explosion in Neo-Tokyo, like in this Youtube parody, is going to be transformed into the standard Hollywood and Americentric concerns. With white American actors. Actors like Garrett Hedlund, who’s in the running for the part of Kaneda.
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