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Jul 06 2013

CONvergence – Penises of the Animal Kingdom panel audio

Panelists at the Penises of the Animal Kingdom

Sadly, this loses a lot without the visual aids, so I’ll have to make a point of embedding a few images that I still have on my laptop from what was emailed to me. This is Desiree Schell, Bug Girl, PZ Myers, Emily Fincke, and Sharon Stiteler. The audience was completely packed to the point …

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Jun 28 2011

Our salticid houseguest in high-def

Taken with my iPhone and edited to eliminate some blurry or non-spider parts of the video attempt. I’m not sure what variety of jumping spider (salticid) this is, but it’s awfully cute. Shown next to a PS3 controller for scale. Uploaded in high-def, so feel free to up the resolution if you’d like to see …

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