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Jul 29 2010

On the gender inequality of “safe”

Our Lady of Perpetual Win, patron saint of internet awesomeness, has written a post on a topic I bet is near to the heart of most male geeks, discussing inequality in how relationships are defined before both parties actually get to weigh in on their intentions. This is the phenomenon in which a (generally young) …

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Jul 15 2010

Three resources in fighting the skeptical fight

In the afterglow err… aftermath of the non-debate discussion had on my last post demolishing astrology’s foundation, there are several posts you would benefit from reading, for various reasons. First, What You’re Doing Is Important, by Surly Amy of Skepchick. We skeptics are not contrarians, we try to make the world a safer place and …

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Jun 17 2010

A few blogospherics before bed

Just a few quick, interesting things (a short RCimT, if you will) before I hit the hay. If you haven’t already seen it, check out Jim Gardner’s multi-part review of Joe Cienkowski’s tract really-short-book Atheism is a Religion – Evolution Is Their ‘Creation’. As an added bonus, I clash with some random anonymous dude here …

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Sep 24 2009

Happy Birthday Stephanie!

I capitalized the B just for you. Stephanie Zvan of Almost Diamonds (AKA Our Lady of Perpetual Win) celebrates another lap around the sun today. She posted a new story entitled Fighting the Frost, which is sure to sap my productivity for the next hour or so while I try to read chunks of it …

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Sep 04 2009

RCimT: Friday catch-up day

There’s a ton of stuff on the interwebs worth reading right now, and I have to play catch-up a bit. Bear with me, blurbs will be short. I expect a link back to this post sometime later today from Mike Haubrich, who likes to syndicate my Friday Random Crap in my Tabs, so go over …

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