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Apr 28 2010

Recent developments in The War On Catholicism

I use the title facetiously. You know as well as I do that there is no war on Catholicism, but rather an outcry demanding that punishment be meted out for crimes we know were committed and a demand that the organization not be allowed to “punish” its members for their crimes, knowing that no real …

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Apr 06 2010

The Emperor Palpatine Has No Clothes

Look. I don’t care, honestly, if you believe in God. Or any gods. Or any spiritual force that’s intangible and invisible. I don’t believe, personally, and if you come around here expecting to convert me, I’ll challenge you to back up your claims with some extraordinary evidence. That’s basically how it works around here on …

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Feb 21 2010

RCimT: Catchup Sunday

I’ve let this “regular feature” backslide from a weekly occurrence all the way to monthly, though for hopefully understandable reasons as of late. However, even with the Too Many Tabs extension, Firefox is starting to explode at the seams, so it’s time to catch up. Allons-y!

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Jan 25 2010

RCimT: Sunday Atheism Roundup (on Monday)

Oh how late I am with this post! The fact that I’ve taken so long in posting my traditional Sunday link roundup obviously must mean I’ve run out of things to blog about and the blog will shortly close down! Well, I won’t let that stop me from carrying on blogging like our evangelical blog-stalker’s …

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Jan 20 2010

Some interesting newsbites on evolution

This is just a small link round-up on some interesting stuff that I’ve read about evolution in recent weeks. Researchers at UNC Chapel Hill have discovered that some bacteria’s motility is entirely controlled by a single calcium atom, insofar as when a single spot on Pseudomonas aeruginosa (a soil, water and skin flora bacterium that …

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Jan 17 2010

RCimT: it’s Sunday again

Good afternoon everybody, and welcome to another Sunday atheism link round-up. I’m your host, Jason Thibeault. (*light applause*) Please join me below the fold where I’ll link to all the various atheism-related shenanigans that caught my eye over the past week.

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Jan 10 2010

RCimT: Putting-off-shovelling Sunday

It’s Sunday, boys and girls, and it’s snowing — you know what that means! Time for another weekly atheist news roundup to keep me from having to go out and shovel this crap out of my driveway! Hooray! Your Cool Atheist of the Week is John Carmack, the lead programmer on Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and …

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Jan 03 2010

RCimT: First Sunday of the decade!

It’s the first Sunday of the decade, and I have a slew of links for us heathens to ring in the new year. In Santa Monica, a poor defenseless decorative gnome put up by the local Atheists United group was destroyed by vandals. As though Charlie the Gnome (named after Darwin!) was hurting anyone. More …

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Dec 27 2009

RCimT: Busy Sunday

It’s Sunday, and almost the end of my vacation. We’ve been going at 150km/h all day, doing all sorts of work on outstanding projects. I’ve got a few posts planned for the next few days, and I’m hoping to be able to write them up tonight, scheduled for the next few days, so I can …

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Dec 20 2009

RCimT: Lazy Sunday

I’m going to do a very brief Sunday catch-up — not because I have any specific plans, but because I’m feeling the need to have a lazy day today. Amazingly, only 14.6% of philosophers are theists. This despite theism dealing directly with philosophy! This implies that the vast majority of theists do not actually “think …

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