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Feb 06 2010

Wedding pictures

The wonderful @JSWadley and @Cyberlizard each put up picture streams (here and here), and live-tweeted the proceedings. Here are some pictures from the wedding taken by Jodi’s sister Teri. I’m working on getting my Gallery installation working, so these pics will have to whet your appetite until I manage to get it working properly. I …

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Feb 05 2010

Wedding day

Today, we’re getting married. Tomorrow, I might post about it. There will be videos up as soon as possible. And yes, I scheduled this post in advance, because there’s no way I’d have time otherwise. If you want to reminisce, start here. The original blog trail is also cached here. Thanks, Stephanie, for your help …

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Jan 31 2010

Wedding mode go!

I’m going to be in wedding mode for the next week. Work needs to be brought to a position where it can coast for the duration of my time off, and I’m going to be far too preoccupied with other stuff to blog regularly, so there’s a chance I won’t be able to post anything …

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Jan 09 2010

Our alternate wedding march?

We’re trying to decide what to play us up the aisle at our wedding, as the Wedding March is just too… I dunno, too traditional I guess. I have a few suggestions for alternatives (videos below the fold), but am looking to solicit some advice from the denizens of the intertubes. [poll id=4]

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Jan 08 2010

Wedding Favors!

As most of you know we’re doing a mild ‘steampunk’ theme for our wedding outfits because it’s fun and different. So for our favors we decided to keep to that theme and go with one of the victorian eras favorite past-times……. poisoning! Some time ago I found some scans of genuine victorian poison labels that …

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Jan 07 2010

Wedding outfits so far

I wanted to give you all an how the wedding outfits are shaping up, with pretty pictures — and as close to pretty as you can get wherein I am the subject matter. Might as well get the latter out of the way first and foremost. The hat will have a leather band tacked into …

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Jan 05 2010

Wherein I beg (or: Help Jodi and Jason Afford Their Honeymoon!)

With the wedding exactly one month away to the day, and funds rapidly dwindling, I’m not above begging. We’re not in any kind of danger at the moment, but holy hell, the expenses sure did pile up fast — with the outfits and rings bought, and the party favors made, the big stuff is done …

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Dec 18 2009

Eight Percent

Something tells me this isn’t the best way to explain away being distracted from your beloved. If it’s any consolation, my beloved Jodi, you get at least 42% of mine. (Ah, Square One. I grew up watching this stuff. Thanks to Blake Stacey for reminding me that the internet is not just for porn, it’s …

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Dec 07 2009

Kneel Before Duct-tape Zod

I’ve privately informed Jodi that nothing like this is to happen at our wedding. If anyone tries this, I’ll have no issue with consigning them to the Phantom Zone. Or taking some real swings at them with a whiffle bat, at least. And dude, what’s with that weird shoulder thing Supes has going on with …

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Nov 09 2009

Epic weekend was epic

We had a very busy weekend. Way too busy. And with another overnight job unceremoniously dumped onto my lap tonight, I’m thinking tomorrow I’m going to sleep pretty well until Jodi gets home from work. Somehow we managed to pick the busiest time I’ve seen in a while, to do our groceries, wherein all the …

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