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Feb 10 2012

Betty Bowers on Traditional Christian Marriage

Yup, pretty much spot on. Considering the full-throated Republican and evangelical assault on gay marriage claiming that “traditional marriage” is between one man and one woman, Betty Bowers, “America’s Best Christian”, goes back to the source materials to show that the common conception of traditional marriage is one that is very much at odds with …

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Feb 07 2012

Gay marriage doesn’t threaten our marriage

Photo of Derek and Tessie Forgie, holding a sign reading 'Gay marriage doesn't threaten our marriage.'

I’m reblogging a post in full by an esteemed fellow Canuck, George Waye, who has asked for help in spreading the word on this laudable cause. I’d like you to meet Derek Forgie.  I’ve known Derek for almost twenty years- we were both involved in the arts community here in North Bay for many years …

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Feb 06 2012

Happy anniversary, dear

Professional photograph of Jodi wearing Soni's necklace

A day late, but yesterday was spent on cuddles and sushi so I hope you’ll forgive me for posting this today. My wife Jodi and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Video of the ceremony is available, and of course, if you’re interested in the proposal, visit Stephanie’s, where she very much played Cupid, …

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Jan 19 2012

Serial adulterer Newt Gingrich wanted an open marriage

Via ThinkProgress, more hypocrisy amongst the Republican candidates, this time by Newt Gingrich. How is it hypocrisy, you ask? Well, he believes marriage should be legislated and mandated by law to be one man, one woman. But for his own marriage, he wanted one man, multiple women instead. Of course, he wasn’t actually arguing for …

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Dec 17 2011

Quite possibly the most moving two minute video ever

Presented with as little context as possible, intentionally, below the fold.

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Feb 05 2011

One year ago today

… this happened. (Not the post. That happened the day after. The stuff IN the post.) Our anniversary feast and quiet time was wonderful. I love you, dear wife.

Aug 07 2010

Let love reign supreme

Homosexuality is very likely biological, an emergent property from a confluence of genes that were selected for other reasons. That doesn’t make the people who are homosexual any less fully human, and my heart sings out that a federal judge in San Francisco has struck down California’s infamous Proposition 8 as unconstitutional in that it …

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Jul 24 2010

Jodi and I Owe Bora

Sadly, I don’t owe Bora Zivkovic (whom I have fondly referred to as William Tockman in the past, if you’ll pardon the geek reference) nearly as much as some of his compatriots in the scientific blogosphere. But he helped with Jodi’s geeky proposal trail that started over at Stephanie’s, and for that I owe him …

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Feb 14 2010

Valentine’s Day: video of our wedding ceremony

I finally have video to share, and on the traditional day-to-buy-things-for-your-loved-ones at that! Sorry it took so long. I didn’t really do any editing for the sound quality, and I certainly can’t edit out Dave’s back through the first part, though luckily someone was smart enough to move it halfway through the vows. After the …

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Feb 07 2010

Some more pictures

I uploaded Teri’s photos to Picasa. I’m also in the middle of processing some images from Shannon’s camera, and I have Sam’s video of the wedding that I still need to export and crunch, though because everyone decided to stand through the ceremony proper, you won’t really get to see all that much sadly. I …

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