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May 05 2012

Empathy, thy name is Trayvon Martin shooting gallery target


I wonder if this is a cynical ploy to steal money from those racist scumbags who also happen to be gun enthusiasts, or if this was designed by one of those racist scumbag gun enthusiasts. Oh, I suppose there’s another explanation — the makers had heatstroke. Found via CopyRanter.

Apr 06 2012

Quebec gun registry spared (very) temporarily

Yesterday, a Quebec Superior Court judge granted a five-day injunction against the Harper government’s attempted early destruction of the long gun registry. You’ll remember that I reported back in December that they were totally going to go ahead and destroy it once the law passed even if the court case was ongoing. Well, the court …

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Jan 31 2012

The numbers don’t lie: as many long guns in Toronto as in rural areas

The impending destruction of the long gun registry has been touted by conservatives (and most especially conserva-bot sockpuppets) as being primarily intended as a sop to the rural voters who are “disproportionately affected” by the long gun registry is another demonstrable falsehood. As it turns out, there are 287,000 long guns in the Greater Toronto …

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Jan 10 2012

God Almighty action figure, with Kalashnikov


I wonder if he has karate chop smiting action. Check out the price sticker and what they call the loose-fitting Matrix coat. Yahweh’s never looked so stylish. So if someone were to obtain these items of power, you figure we’d be gods too? Hat tip to my bro-in-law Shannon.

Dec 14 2011

Harper will destroy long gun data despite Quebec’s pending court challenge

Via The Globe and Mail: Brushing off attacks from Quebec and the opposition, Mr. Harper and his ministers said they will not wait for the court ruling to fulfill a campaign promise to get rid of the registry and its unreliable data. [...]

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