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Jan 02 2013

Coquilles Maudit Jason

There’s this dish passed around among Acadian families called Coquilles St Jacques, a French dish involving scallops and white wine sauce covered with Gruyere and baked in clamshell dishes. This isn’t how I was shown how to make the dish at all, though, and it seems every family does it a little (or a lot) …

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Nov 21 2012

Tryptophan isn’t to blame for your food coma

Even at Thanksgiving, even as a child, I was always “that kid”, who couldn’t leave well enough alone when someone said something blatantly false, or worth questioning and examining further. My father kept admonishing me to be on my best behavior for company, which invariably meant not challenging unevidenced or ridiculous beliefs. This was one …

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Oct 09 2012

Wayback: remember when Harper’s government wanted to process dead animals too?

Someone tweeted a link to this story a few days ago. The story happened in May, but it’s chilling in light of current events. The Conservative government is pitching the change as a way to cut red tape and provide greater flexibility to slaughterhouse operators. But the New Democrats are raising a red flag saying …

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Sep 22 2012

Canadian beef recall due to E.coli

May want to check your ice boxes. OTTAWA, September 21, 2012 – The public warning issued on September 20, 2012 has been expanded to include additional ground beef products because the products may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7. Previously identified products included in this recall can be found on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency …

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Sep 14 2012

Dr Pepper vs the creationists


You might remember the quiet unassuming soda Dr. Pepper from its recent foray into potentially-parody toxic masculinity with its Dr Pepper Ten campaign. It appears the company has discovered that controversy is really good for its business, so its marketers came up with a new brilliant plan: make an ad that references evolution. “What? But …

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Apr 08 2012

An evil Easter treat for us atheists

Deviled eggs made to look like chicks

Not only am I only celebrating the secular part of the holiday, I’m doing it in such a manner that onlookers might think I was the single most evil person in the universe for doing it. See, for lunch, I’m eating deviled live baby chickens, whole. The beak’s a little crunchy, putting it at odds …

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Mar 27 2012

Candy that tastes like burgers and fries

I present to you, via wanwan.fm, for the low price of $4.50, the Happy Kitchen Candy Hamburgers kit direct from Japan. And it apparently tastes like the real thing. You have to spend precious candy-eating minutes preparing all the parts, including microwaving the burger, bun and fries. It’s part toy, part “food.” O SCIENCE, WHAT …

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Mar 13 2012

There’s No Tomorrow

This is pretty much what I would answer, if I could do it succinctly, every damned time someone asks Jodi and I why we aren’t having kids. I think I’m going to go learn how to create flaming swords out of household parts. Also, could you guys kindly give me all your bottle caps? They …

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Jan 06 2012

Pat Robertson: “Is mac and cheese a black thing?”

No, Pat. It’s usually yellow-orange. Depending on what kind of cheese you use, it might even come out completely white. I apparently missed this with all the hustle and bustle around this past Thanksgiving. I would have demanded we include a course of mac and cheese had I seen this in time. Well, there’s always …

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May 21 2011

Rachel Maddow’s Last Word cocktail for the Rapture

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