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Name: Jason Thibeault
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Name's Jason Thibeault. I'm an IT guy, skeptic, feminist, gamer and atheist, and love OSS, science of all stripes (especially space-related stuff), and debating on-line and off. I enjoy a good bit of whargarbl now and again, and will occasionally even seek it out. I am also apparently responsible for the death of common sense on the internet. My bad.

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Jul 11 2014

Mock The Movie transcript: Hell Comes to Frogtown


This was a miserable pile of shit with a ton of rapey bits aimed both at the women and the Last Fertile Dude who has to go around screwing drugged women and having them thank him for it. And all of that was riding on Rowdy Roddy Piper’s charisma to pull it through. And he …

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Jul 10 2014

Mock The Movie: Belphegor: Phantom of the Louvre

Belphegor was fairly thinly attended, and not super mockable, but I did my level best to provide the snark. I hope it works out for you viewers.

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Jul 10 2014

Mock The Movie transcript: Dracula 3000

Holy crap, am I behind on the Mock The Movie. Let me catch up right-quick-like.

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Jul 09 2014

Save the Morgentaler Clinic!

There’s a fundraiser going around to try to fund the now-broke Morgentaler Clinic, New Brunswick’s only abortion clinic. This clinic’s bankruptcy comes thanks to the laws enacted by conservative religious politicians which ensure that the only abortions that are funded by medicare (as legally required by Health Canada) are those that are approved by TWO …

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Jun 27 2014

Maddow: The long history of violence in the anti-choice movement

If you imagine yourself to be defending free speech when you laud the Supreme Court for overturning a buffer zone law, mandating that protesters can’t swarm over abortion clinic patients intimidating them, then you have no sweet clue what “free speech” is. The violence and outright terrorism that happens at abortion protests, that buffer zones …

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Jun 25 2014

John Oliver does pandering right

Gotta admit, John Oliver knows how to work a crowd, and he doesn’t even have to sell magic beans to do it. I like John Oliver a good deal, loved his Daily Show run, and empathize with his immigrant status in particular. I hope he’s a step up in sensitivity on some topics compared to …

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Jun 24 2014

My CONvergence schedule – 2014

It’s gotten so’s I gotta put a year in the title to make it unique! How weird is that. My CONvergence schedule is a bit thicker this year than in years past — I’m invited to participate in six panels. That’s a record for me! One of them is even my own brain-baby — the …

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Jun 19 2014

Ontario public health policy under review, religious exception for doctors debated

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has written the current public policy, adopted by Ontario in December 2008, which binds physicians to provide Human Rights Code-mandated services without discrimination for any reason, including religious or moral beliefs of the physician. This means that physicians cannot make decisions about whether to accept individuals as …

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Jun 18 2014

The specific gravity of cold-press coffee

Okay, a bit of a misleading title, but I like it nonetheless. I just had a minor bit of unpleasant SIWOTI, only in meatspace instead of On The Internet. I don’t think I handled it entirely appropriately but that’s mostly because as a nerd, these things do matter to me. But interacting with other people …

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Jun 11 2014

A real powerhouse

Presented without comment. Hat tip to Kay Vee of Black Freethinkers. [Website], [Facebook], [Radio/Podcast]

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