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Nov 02 2011

Google: US law enforcement cheating at Youtube

Via The Guardian: Google faced down demands from a US law enforcement agency to take down YouTube videos allegedly showing police brutality earlier this year, figures released for the first time show.

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Sep 29 2009

Even more cheating at Youtube

I’ve discussed at greater depth in the past the lengths to which creationists will cheat at a meritocratous system like Youtube, including both vote-botting and abusing the DMCA to censor opposing viewpoints. I was going to embed a video here, as I’m subscribed to Thunderf00t’s Youtube channel, but Dan J beat me to the punch. …

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Jun 12 2009

More cheating at Youtube

Creationists surely do love to fight dirty on Youtube, whether it’s by using vote-bots to skew legitimate metrics of brainshare, or abusing them some DMCA. The last time I reported on this, it was VenomFangX being a fucking douchebag and filing false DMCA claims to squelch an opposing viewpoint. This time, it’s the Creationist Discovery …

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Feb 23 2009

How to cheat at Youtube

If there’s one thing I hate in this world, it’s a cheater. No, I’m not talking about using a cheat code so you can blow through the last stage of Doom 3 to beat the end boss and see the ending sequence after a long weekend of slagging your way through demons the old fashioned …

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Aug 12 2013

Sexual harassment accusations in the skeptical and secular communities: a timeline of major events

In the vein of the harassment policies campaign timeline, wherein the major players in the movement fought hard for harassment policies at secular events and largely won the day despite monumental pushback, I felt it prudent to get ahead of people trying to misinterpret the timeline of events and twist the timeline to their own …

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Aug 11 2010

Attention, those who cheat at the intertubes: we’re on to you.

It seems cheating at Youtube isn’t the only sport of those without a leg to stand on ideologically. A group of right-wingers organized using a Yahoo! Group to orchestrate and perpetuate a continual “burial brigade” on Digg, a social bookmarking site I admittedly never use myself, in order to “bury” posts from left-leaning sources, or …

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Oct 17 2009

RCimT: Saturday mostly-science! (plus politics)

Some more Random Crap! You love these, admit it. A skeptical take on neti pots came in handy battling some ridiculous forwards about them being good prophylactics against H1N1. There was a bolide explosion over the Netherlands, and Phil Plait points us to where to find photos. Amazing pictures! This picture absolutely floored me today …

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Sep 07 2009

How far can you make it through this video?

I saw this on TLC originally, on some “Trading Spouses” show (or something — it was mostly just on after Holmes on Homes), and had to change the channel when this crazy Christian lady got put into a non-Christian household. I couldn’t even make it through the first minute — as soon as she screamed …

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