The Epic Rap Battle I never knew I needed: Renaissance artists vs TMNT

Growing up, I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — the comics, the cartoons, the video games, the movies, everything. Who am I kidding — I still do. I always wondered how the Renaissance artists after whom the Turtles were named would react to the idea of having ninjas — who were also mutated turtles, mind! — named after them, having their names’ value polluted for at minimum an entire generation.

Well, apparently so too did the folks in charge of Epic Rap Battles of History.

Fair warning — these rap battles often use problematic language, including this one which has a brief (but rather tame) instance: “you guys draw more dicks than New York Pride”.

The Turtle costume used in this video is awesome.


  1. Seth says

    The problematic couplet, in full, is:

    “Yeah, go ahead and hate, we’ll just skate on by
    You guys draw more dicks than New York Pride”

    A less-problematic couplet would be:

    “Yeah, go ahead and hate, scribblin’ on ya panels
    You guys draw more dicks than Fox News Channel”

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