1. psanity says

    Friendzone is right. As in, slowly backing away from while saying we can just be friends. Wonderful, Jason!

    And, oolon, laughed so hard I had a coughing fit.

  2. HappiestSadist, Repellent Little Martyr says

    The pic made me smile. The comment thread made me laugh out loud. Ewanmacdonald @ #8, you win the internet.

  3. says

    #notallfedoras are trilbies, but that one totally is.

    I don’t mind the confusion; I actually like that the trilby is the internet-approved douche-hat. Its smaller brim casts less shade, making it far less practical and making the wearer’s head look comparatively more pointy; it’s also easier to wear indoors as an affectation, making it an easily-spotted signal that says “Engage with at own risk.” And when you add pinstripes it’s like the bright stripes on a wasp that say “Avoid at all costs”. Far better IMHO (in my hat-related opinion) that the classic, practical fedora remains associated with Indy Jones.

    I may have thought about this a tad more than was required.

  4. says

    Aye, very nice one there, Jason. Better still as I was not expecting it from the title.

    oolon, ewan, psanity: You all get roflcopters and internets.

    My Fedora is open-source, mercifully, and can be corrected by the community.

  5. shari says

    sheesh. gonna be hard to start talking my 9 y.o. down from his fedora. It’s his Shaun White ‘cool’ hat. Need to come up with a plan b for him if he starts creeping people out……

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