How to elevate the level of discourse on Youtube

It’s so easy, I can’t believe it. All you have to do is have Shakespearean actors act the comments out.

My only concern with this strategy is the sheer quantity of such exchanges. This could signal a new boom for Classically-trained actors. I’m going to go sign up for some lessons right now so I can get in on the ground floor!


  1. psanity says

    Wonderful. An interesting thing about it is that when trained actors get hold of it, and they lay all the subtext right out like that, the dynamics are so clear.

    The inclusion of the drive-by was brilliant, as it subtly shifted the frame of reference further to the absurd. Very Beckettian.

    Now I want to do this, except I’d have to read YouTube comments — if I’m going to do that, I might as well — wait! I’ve got it! The one-act almost writes itself! Thank you, Dead Parrot!

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