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  1. Rowan says

    Cool/good Toph costume, easily one of my favorite characters from any medium, could have used some more work on the hair though (although it would be kinda hard to get it right, she has kind of impossible hair).

    After that I think the Rainbow Dash and park ranger costumes are my favorite.

    Never heard of ‘Doc McStuffins’…can’t believe thats a character for children.

  2. John Horstman says

    I think what I liked best was the wide variety of costume choices demonstrating the viability of gendered, cross-gendered, and non-gendered options.

  3. Trebuchet says

    @Rowan: There’s a link in the Mighty Girl blog to who “Doc McStuffins” is. I agree it doesn’t sound like for kids but apparently it is.

    Jen of Epbot (and CakeWrecks) occasionally does this kind of thing with girls rocking traditionally male costumes.

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