A haiku by CaitieCat

In case you missed it in the morass of rape apologia that has become the conversation surrounding a woman who named Michael Shermer, here’s something to at least give you the impression that not everyone in the whole universe is an asshole.


An haiku in summary of the rape apologists on this thread:

Bitches be lyin’
We know this because bitches
Just sayin’, is all.


  1. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    Mine’s not in the same universe as CaitieCat’s, but I couldn’t resist giving it a shot:

    Skepticism is
    Only believing your friends
    And not anyone else

  2. hjhornbeck says

    What the hey:

    Ordinary claims
    require ordinary evidence
    unless famous

    Skepticism is
    never admitting that your leaders could be

  3. hjhornbeck says

    D’oh! One word off:

    Skepticism is
    never admitting that your leaders could do

    Poetry is haaaaard. I’m sticking to epistemology.

  4. says

    Or to do my preferred method of poetry…

    There once was a blogger named Paul
    Who–can you believe?!–had the gall
    To trust victims’ claims!
    You ask me, he aims
    To nail the accused to the wall!

    I’m sure you all know FTB,
    They’re baboons and nazis, you see.
    They post just for hits,
    They’re all massive twits,
    And they won’t pay attention to me!

  5. cm's changeable moniker (quaint, if not charming) says

    logic trumps empathy, and
    … well that’s all I’ve got.

  6. hjhornbeck says

    trusted friend shares accusation
    could save others from rape
    should not post

    This is getting addictive. DAMMIT.

  7. CaitieCat says

    (I actually do stand-up using formal poetry – sonnets, villanelles, and haiku for the most part; sometime, I have to re-post my “Star Wars IV: A New Hope” plot summary in seven sonnets, I won a coffeehouse prize pot with that one)

    Surprise! That’s my name!
    Lurking in the blog header
    Didn’t expect that.

    Thanks for the unexpected pleasant feeling this morning, my fellow AmericaLitean. :)

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