Pat Robertson’s take on youth suicide

He starts out unusually level-headed, concerned about something that is actually true and actually a very big problem — kids committing suicide. He correctly identifies pressure as one of the reasons. But then he goes off the rails on a spectacular fashion. Never mind that most of the pressure causing suicide is the stigma that forces them into the closet because they’re different from everyone else in one way, shape or form — no, Pat thinks it’s something else causing their premature self-inflicted deaths.

Is Uncle Pat just a motivated reasoner, trying to avoid any sort of blame for this “pressure” put on kids after all the damnation and hellfire he’s called down on gays (and feminists and atheists and liberals et cetera et cetera), or has a long life steeped in Jesus Juice actually pickled his brain?


  1. bcmystery says

    Dungeons & Dragons turned me into a newt, which is a joke of the proper vintage for mocking the “Dungeons & Dragons is fulla DEMONZZZZ” canard.

  2. stever says

    He’s just a con man trying to dodge the realization that his snake oil kills some of its users.

  3. OverlappingMagisteria says

    “I think many of these automobile accidents are actually death by cars.”

    I knew it! I always thought that cars had something to do with it. I mean, just look at the scene of every single automobile accident: you will always see at least one car there!

  4. patricksimons says

    If Robertson was pushing anything other than religion, he would be under court ordered psychiatric care.

  5. Aliasalpha says

    D&D? Damn I knew 4th edition was unpopular with a lot of fans but I’d hardly call it cause for suicide


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