Humanist Views: Canada and Humanism

Last night, I taped an episode of Humanist Views with Scott Lohman of Humanists of Minnesota.

I haven’t had a chance to re-watch it and see exactly how I present on this program — I’m sure there are verbal missteps in there, and I just hope I didn’t say anything egregiously offensive to anyone. I do know that the lights were very warm and very bright, and I got the very distinct sense that my thin head fuzz wasn’t enough to keep it from being reflective. I did check to see that voices and movement aligns later in the re-encode, so at least it should be watchable. I think I turned on automatic closed captioning (I’m a Youtoob noob), so that’ll be a fun reason to re-watch it later.

Humanist Views’ opening sequence is very hilariously 90s, but that just makes ’em all the more charming to me.


  1. CompulsoryAccount7746, Sky Captain says


    If you ever want to find your fellow transexual nazi eskimos, the internet will find you one.

    When the retro closing music started, I was primed to imagine the UHF ad for Town Talk after the credits. : P

  2. sinned34 says

    Lesbian Nazi hookers abducted by aliens and forced into weight loss clinics – all this week on Town Talk!

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