Staver/Barbar: California law turns sexual abuse victims into gays and transgender

The specific laws they’re talking about, that are preventing kids from receiving counselling? The “change therapy” laws of course, which forbid religious “therapists” from trying to un-gay-ify kids. Their reasoning is that children who are predated upon by pedophiles have no recourse but to go with any gay feelings they have thereafter.

The premise that gays and transgender folks end up “that way” because of abuse as kids is patently wrong. And even if it was right, it is no justification for subjecting children to the mental and emotional abuse that reparative therapy represents.

I especially like that they’re trying to change the name “reparative therapy” to “change therapy”. It ain’t going to work. We already know that it doesn’t work [pdf], and we know what appropriate responses are to homosexuality.

It’s an incorrect and damaging response to a problem that’s entirely fictional. We don’t even have to get into the motivations these people have to attack homosexuals for their orientation — yes, the thin and threadbare rationale they have for their judging homosexuality as a problem is, of course, their religious beliefs. Otherwise they wouldn’t have called the ban “bullying and abuse” — devaluing both words, in the face of the very real abuse they’re being told they can no longer perpetrate.


  1. F [disappearing] says

    So, it’s no longer pedophiles, but the law which causes children to become gay or transgender? I can’t keep up. And here I though PTSD, social, trust, and intimacy issues, and becoming an abuser or pedophile were possible consequences of such abuse, while being gay or transgender were deeper parts of one’s identity. And they can’t educate me out of my wrong-thinking when this belief is no longer allowed to be taught in schools! Whatever will I, and millions of others, do?

  2. eucliwood says

    “. And even if it was right, it is no justification for subjecting children to the mental and emotional abuse that reparative therapy represents.” Yeah. Isn’t the law outlawing it? I’m confused. As for this law… are you serious? And this is California??? wtf. I reeally hope this is just an excuse to outlaw ungayification therapy, even if it’s offensive… like really how many people actually believe this crap o.o

  3. eucliwood says

    But then again the reason for the law does nothing to help out people who seek it. Unless most are forced? Oh forget it.

    I’m too busy trying to think of a way they could’ve outlawed it without the bullshit. Oh… they couldve made it an unprofessional practice in some sort of mental health code.

  4. eucliwood says

    Is fatigue eating my brain? (Don’t post this, I don’t want to spam, I just want it noted that I am extremely fatigued working like a hebrew slave today… in physical labor.. okay, Im sure they worked even worse. I think I would have died if I went through the things they did, due to my sugar problem (not diabetic, just hypoglycemic, and I can feel it when I am having issues, so dont worry). But seriously hypoglycemia hurts really bad. Or can. Wow. My brain is fried. I’m sorry.

  5. 742 says

    its good to keep abreast of what shit these people are pulling, but they do it like twice a week ><

    how to be a conservative:
    pick something less powerful than you to hate, only retreat to the next step when you absolutely must.
    shoot on sight, begin casting opponents as total monsters
    punish violently, begin casting opponents as unreasonable or childish
    punish less violently, but with lots of guilt and abuse.
    say its wrong, and theyre doing it for your own good. when protests or debate begin, shut them down. favorite shutdown phrases when the use of force isnt viable include: 'agree to disagree' 'civil disagreement'* and 'you have your opinion, ill have mine' even when those phrases make absolutely no sense (evolution is evolution. its not a matter of opinion. nor is gravity.)
    deny that any wrong was done
    deny that they did any wrong. blame victims.
    start again from step four

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