Sep 26 2012

Turtle vs cat

That’s right, turtles rule. Eat it, cat people.


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  1. 1

    This is selective evidence.
    And an unusually determined turtle. (That bowl-crossing is epic, never mind taking on TWO cats. Must be some special lettuce being threatened.)

  2. 2
    Eamon Knight

    Heh. My wife once watched a *preying mantis* face down her two cats. Domestic moggies aren’t necessarily brave, adventuresome creatures.

  3. 3
    Giliell, professional cynic -Ilk-

    I’m a bit disappointed
    I expected the cat to close the door and lock the cats out

  4. 4
    Giliell, professional cynic -Ilk-

    Go to bed when you start spelling turtle C-A-T

  5. 5

    Eat it, cat people

    OK. Anybody got a good recipe for turtle soup?

  6. 6

    Somehow I think they may have started out with four cats but two were just slower than the others.

  7. 7

    A Turtle in the Manger!

    Quite surprising to see such an aggressive turtle. Did it think all those cat food bowls belonged to it?

  8. 8
    F [i'm not here, i'm gone]

    Was that the turtle from Crimewave who said, “I’m captain of this elevator, and we’re stopping at every floor!

  9. 9
    Tâlib Alttaawiil (طالب التاويل)

    what could have happened to make this turtle so angry?

  10. 10

    Of course, up here in Canada, we don’t see these battles between cats and reptiles:

    That Gator wouldn’t stand a chance against this turtle, LMAO!

  11. 11

    “Mooooooom! The Roomba has grown legs and is biting!”

  12. 12

    I had to watch it again. Look at it go at the end! That’s one racing turtle!

  13. 13

    That’s right, turtles rule. Eat it, cat people.

    Oh yeah? I’ll see your Cat-Chasing Turtle, and raise you a Kitten Riding a Tortoise.


    Your argument is invalid.

  14. 14
    Timid Atheist

    That is the most awesome turtle I’ve ever seen. I’ve never really been a cat person, but I felt sorry for those poor cats, that turtle was not having any of them.

    I still think I agree with Crommunist; Otters are the best.

  15. 15

    Who says you cannot herd cats?

  16. 16

    Who says you cannot herd cats?

    Maybe we just need more turtles in the Atheist movement…

  17. 17

    Thanks for sharing that bit of cat abuse from an asshole tortoise. Just because you are unwilling to deal with the natural superiority of cats is no excuse for being hateful.

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