Sep 24 2012

Republicans agree: Mitt isn’t fit for office

Now if only mainstream media would pick up on the fact that basically nobody likes the guy… ah. A boy can dream.


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  1. 1
    StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    Finally bipartisanship : Everyone hates Mitt Rmoney!

    [Comic Book Guy voice] Worst presidential nominee ev-ah![/Comic Book Guy voice.]

  2. 2
    Kevin, Youhao Huo Mao

    Newscaster: “Are you calling Mitt Romney a liar?”
    Gingrich: “Yes.”

    That’s my favorite part of that clip XD

  3. 3
    Raging Bee

    Great quotes there! Too bad none of the people speaking, save maybe one, have any more credibility than Romney.

    Oh, and what’s with Fab’s “rocking double bed in the middle of the garage” ad? If FtB can’t find more credible products than that to advertize, that could spell trouble down the road.

  4. 4
    Kevin, Youhao Huo Mao

    @Raging Bee:

    You do know how ad affiliate networks work, right?

  5. 5
    Hairy Chris, blah blah blah etc


    Pot, meet kettle.

  6. 6
    Jason Thibeault

    I presume you’re talking about Katherine@2′s point on Gingrich calling Romney a liar, not Katherine@4 talking about how ad affiliate networks work.

    Raging Bee: those ads appear on MSN as well. It actually surprised me on a freshly XP-reformatted box, opening IE and seeing an ad I have come to associate with FtB’s affiliate network ads. I thought I had gone to FtB by default and had to do a doubletake.

  7. 7

    Lately more than half of my email to my husband is either terrible stuff Mitt R. has said lately, or terrible things people have said about him. Somewhere on Metafilter I saw a bunch of GIFs of the Lucille Bluth character speaking Romneyisms. Honestly, the things he says work perfectly as over the top satire.

  8. 8
    F [i'm not here, i'm gone]

    Bwahahahaha. Rick Perry, having the nerve to say anyone is unfit for anything. That guy has nothing to stand on; not vacuum, not even the fabric of space itself.

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