Jul 10 2012

Congratulations to Rieux and his wife!

Good news — FtB commenter Rieux’s wife has delivered their expected baby.

Off-topic: at 8:17 this morning, it’s a boy. (Or at least AMAB, if that’s better stated.)

6 pounds 14 ounces, 19.25 inches, 22 hours of back labor by a mom who demonstrated unbelievable guts and stamina in 3 hours of grueling pushing. Then he wrecked the Apgar curve.

Now bedtime. Explaining how rape culture is nasty bullshit that all us XYs have a responsibility to resist will come soon enough.

(Not snark.)

Yeah. I’m spent and unable to get all the blogosphere things written that I want to write, and I just travelled. I just don’t have an experiential framework in which to empathize properly with how spent your family must be.


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    SC (Salty Current), OM


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    Back labour is brutal so she’s pretty tough to have gone through 22 hours of it. I hope all three of you recover quickly. Now take advantage of what time you have and rest because before you have to explain about rape culture, you’ve got to walk the floor for miles to get (and keep) the little one sleeping.

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    Doug Kirk

    Congratulations to Rieux and his wife and the new little one! Hopefully he grows up to be as insightful as his parents!

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    Congratulations to you both!

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    Congratulations! (What does AMAB mean?)

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    Giliell, professional cynic -Ilk-

    What does AMAB mean?

    Assigned male at birth, meaning that, of course, the dangly bits between the legs might not mean anything and that the baby might still grow up to be a trans-girl.

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    Kevin, Youhao Huo Mao

    Congratulations Rieux!

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    Ah! Thanks, Giliell.

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    Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone.

    The IMG tag doesn’t seem to be working for me (maybe Jason or FTB has disabled it, or maybe my HTML-fu is just too weak), so anyone looking for a few cute pictures can click here.

    Rieux Jr. is doing fine at age 5 days—as in, he was alternately wailing and jumpy from 1:30 A.M. to 5 A.M. Sunday morning. Which, er, made for a difficult night. Now, as you can see in the latest of the pictures at the above link, he’s done the mirror-image thing by sleeping from 1:30 to almost 5 P.M. Sunday afternoon. My wife accuses me of giving him night-owl genes.

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    Good work, Wife of Rieux! | Pharyngula

    [...] carousing, when he was probably all worn out, of course his wife went into labor the next day and delivered a robustly healthy baby boy. Now I feel guilty. Although probably with the adrenaline and the terror and the yelling, he [...]

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