Jun 21 2012

Harassment Bingo: cards 1 and 2

I had an idea earlier today, that we should start playing Bingo with the ongoing harassment campaign posts’ comment threads. We’ve done it for other topics, why not this one? So I jotted down a few, and asked people to help fill in the rest, and commenters easily filled two cards. I figure it should be its own post now.

And if people want to make more cards, hey, why not? Try to keep them to things you’ve seen in relation to these particular fights though.

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    I think there is nearly a full line in ophelias “closing the file” blog

  1. 2
    Red Flag Words: A List | a Nadder!

    [...] that analyses a webpage or email for these words to calculate a red flag status. Thanks to these resources that helped me compile the [...]

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