Local boccia player cut from team; send him to cheer for his teammates at Olympics

Our friend Erin (well, mostly my friend Erin, but she comments around these parts now and again!) asked me to help send a boccia player friend of hers to London to cheer on his former teammates at the Olympics. I’ll forward her request mostly unaltered.

One of my friends whom I’ve know since elementary school, has been playing boccia for a few years now and was on the team that is going to London for the Olympics. Unfortunately, the team had to cut a couple people (I’m not quite sure why) and he was cut.

What you can do, below the fold…

Recently the Canadian Paralympic Committee has started running a contest to send one fan to London to cheer on our Paralympians. He signed up on the first day and was in the lead for a while but he’s been passed by someone who has managed to get 200 votes in the past 24 hours (I hate popularity contests).

He’s been trying to get newspapers and TV stations to help get the word out and so far has managed to get the Advertiser to print something but it hasn’t really affected is overall vote count.

I can totally understand if you don’t want to vote, but I would appreciate it if you could help pass the word along in hopes that others would. He’s a good guy and totally deserves to win this trip so he can go cheer on his teammates.

He used the nickname “The Heart” for the contest. He also has a blog though he doesn’t write very often.

Again, it’s not at all expected, but any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Go, my horde. Go vote. You’ll need a Facebook account, unfortunately. But it’s for a good cause.


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