Amoeba eating two paramecia

Jodi saw someone tweet this, and I need some easy content for today after a monstrous overnight last night. So have some survival of the fittest. It’s interesting to see the paramecia completely paralyzed by amoeba until they’re completely surrounded, then they freak the hell out while they’re being digested.

Still trying to sort out issues with iDevices, let me know in the comments if you’re having problems.


  1. brucegee1962 says

    Wow — I wish I’d ever seen anything like this through a microscope.

    Actually, I would have settled for every seeing anything that moved under a microscope. Throughout my childhood I kept reading stories of enraptured scientists describing the first time they discovered the whole world of microorganisms that existed in drops of water. And so I would get my microscope kit at home or one of the ones in biology class at school, and I would look through and see: a black circle. So I’d work for a while at adjusting it for me, and I’d look through again in breathless anticipation, and see: my own eye. So I’d get somebody else to adjust it and focus it for me, and I’d see: clumps of dirt and brown blobs. No matter how scummy the water was that I’d look at, it never seemed to contain anything more than clumps of dirt and brown blobs.

    So I became a lit major. Maybe if one of those dratted amoebas had ever bothered to show up for me, perhaps I’d be a scientist today.

  2. dorcheat says

    Incredible! I surprised that PZ Myers did not catch this first. Then again, I bet Dr. Myers has observed this before.

  3. says

    Don’t knock being a lit major. I have (99% of) an English degree, but I’m autodidact for every other field I know anything about, including my career in computers.

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